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Shade Sails for Childcare Centres

Shade Sails for Childcare centres and Kindergartens: Does your childcare centre or kindergarten need more shade? Aside from natural shade such as trees with dense foliage, shade sails and structures are an ideal option. Not only are they a safe, cost effective option but they also look great too. The sun’s Ultra violet radiation can cause devasta...

Rainbow Shade for a Shade Better than the Rest

Rainbow Shade for a Shade Better than the Rest There are many different types of shade sail designs available to consumers now days. With shade cloth sails being a custom installation the design of your shade sail or structure can be detailed to your exact requirements. The elegant Hypar shade sails, with their gentle curves between the high and lo...

Rainbow Shade sails with Kerb Appeal

Rainbow Shade sails with Kerb Appeal Printing on Shade Cloth fabric is possible! Commercial enterprises put a lot of effort into making themselves stand out from the crowd. Using logos and signage they brand the buildings that house their activities. Rainbow Shade’s wide range of shade cloth colours can complement this branding while they enhance...

Add Value with a Rainbow Shade Versatile Shade Sail

Add Value with a Rainbow Shade, Shade Sail When you see a place for the first time the impression it makes is one that can often remain long after the first visit. Be it a seaside café, your neighbour’s bar-b-que area or the playground at the local park. And should that initial expectation be followed by a positive experience, return visits will...

Rainbow Shade Sail’s Advantage when Extreme Weather Visits

Rainbow Shade Sail’s Advantage when Extreme Weather Visits. While shade sails are widely recognised as effective protection from the harsh Australian sun, these shade cloth structures have an unsung and often unrealised advantage when the really dirty weather blows in, like Queensland’s cyclone Debbie. Which according to the ABC news at the tim...

99% UV-R protection

Rainbow shade products are specifically designed to provide up to 99% UV-R protection*

*Tested to Australian Standard AS4174-1994


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