Playground/Park Shade

Shade sails in playgrounds provide much need Ultraviolet Protection for children and parents.  Playground Shade plays an import factor for playing safely outside and should be mandatory for all outdoor playgrounds.   When a playground shade sail has been installed it offers a dual benefit of providing a cooler climate over the playground whilst filtering out harmful Ultraviolet radiation.

There are bright colours to liven up your playground shade or shade structure and natural colours to blend your playground shade sail into the environment.  You can use Z16, DRiZ or eXtreme 32 depending on the size or if you want to waterproof your playground shade or shade structure.

Suitable Fabrics for Playground/Park Shade

99% UV-R protection

Rainbow shade products are specifically designed to provide up to 99% UV-R protection*

*Tested to Australian Standard AS4174-1994


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