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Protect your family with Australia’s premier shade fabrics

Use premium grade shade fabrics to protect your family from the harsh UV rays of the sun As a parent, you want to encourage your children to go outside and play. In a world that now revolves around iPhones, iPads and video games, it is refreshing to see kids playing, laughing and doing what they are supposed to do – play. However, Australia&#...

Shade Cloth: An affordable shade solution

Australia may be popular for the amazing wildlife, fantastic beaches, and awesome architecture, but the one thing that definitely stands out the most is the sun. With the sun shining brightly almost 365 days a year, you’re bound to be searching for cooling solution for your home or place of business. Unfortunately, shade solutions come at a cost....

Promote Sun Safety with Top Quality Shade Structures

Spending a warm summer’s day outside in the back yard, playing with my kids, or entertaining guests on my deck are a few of the things I cherish most in life. However, sun safety is extremely important to me and my family, as it would be to you and your family. Keeping my kids properly protected is my top priority because otherwise, the consequen...

Shade Canopy – Flexible Sun Protection

While everyone in Australia knows what a shade sail is, the same cannot be said about a shade canopy. A canopy is defined as an ornamental, roof-like projection or covering, otherwise put, a form of covering which is usually supported by poles. By definition alone, this is exciting for us here at Rainbow Shade, because there is no exact form that a...

Shade Sails – Your Installation Checklist

Shade sails certainly are one of the most popular shade solutions in Australia, I bet at least one house in your street is having one installed, right? They are designed to provide ultimate protection from the sunlight at affordable cost which makes them an ideal choice for not only homes, but commercial establishments as well. But, there is more t...

Sunshades – High UV-Ray Protection at an Affordable Price!

Everyone loves being outdoors, especially when we’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful country that is Australia, but one must not forget the importance of sun protection at all times. Spending too much time outside, and being exposed to UV radiation and sunlight, may lead to different consequences; dry skin, sun spots, inflammation, and ...

99% UV-R protection

Rainbow shade products are specifically designed to provide up to 99% UV-R protection*

*Tested to Australian Standard AS4174-1994


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