Shade Sails for Childcare Centres

Shade Sails for Childcare centres and Kindergartens:

Does your childcare centre or kindergarten need more shade? Aside from natural shade such as trees with dense foliage, shade sails and structures are an ideal option. Not only are they a safe, cost effective option but they also look great too.

The sun’s Ultra violet radiation can cause devastating damage to the human skin so ensuring the children at your centre are well protect with shade is vital.

When it comes to shade installations there are two main options that are available. These are shade sails and shade structures.

Shade Sails generally consist of 4 posts with a shade sail canopy connected to a fixing point on each of the posts. Shade structures are usually a metal frame construction that has shade cloth fabric fixed to the top of the structure frame. Both options have their benefits and are suited for different application types.


Shade sails for childcare centres and kindergartens are a great option as they are relatively cheap in comparison to fixed roof structures. Shade sails greatly diminish the heat of the area underneath the sail and most importantly help to block those harmful UV rays produced by the sun that can cause an array of skin conditions and damage. These type of shade installations are very versatile and as they are a custom installation can be made to suit your childcare centrer’s specific space requirements. You can install a shade sail over a playground, grassy area or even over a sandpit.

Shade structures on the other hand are also a cost effective shading solution for any childcare centre however are best suited to spaces where you cannot have a centre post, such as a large yard that has an obstruction in the middle.

Both shade sails and shade structures are covered with shade cloth fabric. The type of fabric used plays a very important role in the protection provided and also the lifespan of your shade sail or structure installation.

As a rule I would always suggest using a high quality fabric that has high UVR block % characteristics such as our Z16 shade cloth fabric. Z16 has an industry leading Ultra Violet block of up to 99%, has a 10 year warranty and comes in 24 designer colours. Meaning you can rest assured that your students are well protected from the sun for many years to come and are able to play in a fun and entertaining environment with bright colour options such as lime green, purple, orange, red, yellow and royal blue.  We even have neutral and earthy colours for nature play.

Not only is our Z16 shade fabric ideal for the shade sails at your childcare centre, our DriZ waterproof shade fabric is great too. DriZ is perfect for those outdoor areas of your centre that you want to utilize all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Allowing your children to still get out of the class room and learn outside. As DriZ is such a high quality shade sail fabric it has up to 100% UVR block and comes with a 5 year warranty. For more information on DriZ click here.

To have a further look into our high quality shade cloth fabric products for use in shade sail or shade structure installations at your childcare centre or kindergarten click here.

If you are looking for a shade contractor to assist you with the design manufacture and installation of your shade sails click here and we can recommend you to a local shade professional in your area.

99% UV-R protection

Rainbow shade products are specifically designed to provide up to 99% UV-R protection*

*Tested to Australian Standard AS4174-1994


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