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The best shade sails in Logan   

Logan has a very rich culture and profound diverse demography. Its history is one of the resiliencies even in the face of ruin. Nothing depicts this better than the recent Cyclone Debbie. The Cyclone which hit on April this year led to suburbs like Waterford and Cornubia experiencing floods and strong winds traveling as fast as 120 km/h rendering them inhabitable. Barely two months later the suburbs are beaming with life. Such a strong city needs shade sails that can complement its resilience.

Where such storm to recur, there is need to have shade sails that can withstand winds travelling at high speeds. Rainbow shade sails have been known withstand winds way above 90km/h. Rainbow offers shade sail fabric cloths that are nothing but durable and resilient. They are sure to outlive the storm.

Shade sails also come in handy during such severe weather since it allows air to flow in and out smoothly hence reducing the impact of strong winds on adjacent structures. In the event that they yield to the winds, they leave behind no debris at all.

They also offer enviable shade with no foliage during the summer. Just in case you want to keep it operational during a storm and then put it back when calm returns, shade sails are easy to dismantle. They are also cheaper to construct than traditional carport shades.

Rainbow’s Z16 shade sail cloth offers up to 99% protection from Ultraviolet rays. They effectively protect you from scourging sun that would have otherwise caused you sunburns, early skin aging even skin cancer. Z16 has even been known to last over 15 years, take a look here for more information.

Residential Shade Sail

Z16 Silver Residential Shade Sail

It comes with a 10-year warranty. It has very high tensile strength hence it can stand high wind loading during storms. It’s easy to maintain hence easy to clean long after the storm has passed. Z16 is most suitable for outdoor areas, car parks, schools, homes, and pools.

If you want a shade cloth fabric with higher burst strength, then eXtreme 32 is perfect for you. It exhibits enduring strength, lasting durability, and excellent shade protection. Owing to its characteristics, the eXtreme 32 is ideal for commercial shade sails, for instance, public pools, school playing grounds and large car parks.

Besides their outstanding resilience, our Z16 and eXtreme 32 come in 24 colours. This allows you to pick the colour that best complements the panoramic views of your suburb from Berrinba to Woodridge.

View our products to see which shade sail cloth fabric best suits your needs so you too can have some of the best shade sails Logan has to offer.

99% UV-R protection

Rainbow shade products are specifically designed to provide up to 99% UV-R protection*

*Tested to Australian Standard AS4174-1994


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